Why I Love Micro-Weddings...

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The trend for small, intimate weddings may have been forced upon us - but they also make for the most amazing celebrations; and here's why.

your personalities will shine through

Micro-weddings equal individuality. Whether it's a quirky location that you could never have squeezed 150 people into, personalised stationery designed with your own unique twist, or an unusual take on a traditional tea party; there's so much fun to be had and so many ways to celebrate with a smaller group.

From custom embroidered napkins, to hand painted charger plates - your guests will appreciate that extra personal detail they might not get from a larger gathering.

you'll have enough time for everyone

Sometimes when weddings start creeping into triple figures in terms of guest count, you can find yourselves greeting and shaking hands with new faces all night!

Just think - when you have 200 people in total across your daytime meal and evening reception, and you spend 2 minutes catching up with each person or couple - you could spend hours just saying hi to people!

It's so lovely to see loads of friendly faces on your wedding day, but everyone will be wanting a few minutes of your time - and at your micro-wedding you'll be able to chat properly to everybody. Speaking of which...

you invite your nearest and dearest

There's no question over whether to invite that one second cousin (three-times-removed) who you've never met before. Only the friends and family that you see regularly will make the guest list - your celebrations are guaranteed to be full of warmth and love.

So don't despair if you've had your wedding guest list chopped down - there are lots of lovely reasons why micro-weddings are the way forward!

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