Wedding Planning 101 - Setting Your Budget

So, in our last blog post we looked at finding a space to keep all of our wedding planning information. And today we're going to get stuck straight in to our wedding planning journey.

Where do you start when you are at the very beginning of planning your wedding?!?!⁠

It might feel overwhelming right now, but if you start with the biggest elements first, then the rest should start to fall into place.⁠

So this week, let's work out the one thing that will determine all of your plans from now on. It's also often the most tricky thing to work out and is such a weight off your shoulders when you have it all sorted...

--> Your Wedding Budget⁠! ⁠

Your budget is the key to all of your plans, from your wedding date to your wedding venue and everything in between.⁠

There are plenty of guidelines to let you know how much a typical wedding will cost - but no wedding is really typical! You can celebrate your marriage in whatever way you choose, whether you want something luxurious and expensive, or low key and affordable.

Think about who will be paying for your wedding. Gone are the days when a bride-to-be's father was expected to foot the bill. In our modern world there are so many different kinds of couples in so many different kinds of financial situations.

So grab your journal and your fiancé(e) and hash this out. What are you willing to spend on your wedding?⁠ Who can help? Are you going to save up?

In my next Wedding Planning 101 we'll be looking at Setting Your Wedding Date!

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