FAQ: How do we Style our Barn Wedding?

Updated: Nov 12

More and more couples are celebrating their wedding day in a barn or on a farm and I'm definitely here for that! Barns offer up a blank, rustic canvas with no flashy carpets or patterned curtains to cramp your style. Whether an established venue or on private property, barns typically give us wooden walls and stone floors to work with, and a touch of the industrial or agricultural feel for added character.

A super rustic and relaxed vibe is usually the way forward, but thanks to this neutral space, you can style your wedding any way you choose.

You can join my Facebook group The Wedding Planning Barn to run through and brainstorm your ideas with me, or here are a few ideas to jump off from...

Time for a Grand Feast

Long wooden trestle tables compliment private barn weddings so much. They're easy to set up and install, look amazing with long chiffon table runners and garlands, and you can socially distance your households by leaving lots of space between them.

All of the Lights!

If you want the wow factor at your barn wedding - hang drapery and lots of fairy lights from the rafters! They take your space from day to night and look lovely alongside the night sky if you have outdoor space too.

Go Floral...

Seasonal wild flowers are perfect when styling your barn wedding. Why not go for loose hand-tied bouquets, rustic displays in glass bottles, lengthy garlands down your tables, or blooms tucked into chair backs?

Here's a little guideline as to which UK flowers are in season for your wedding month.

Get Personal

Don't forget to add your personal touches to your wedding style. From unique stationery, to custom embroidered napkins - these are the little details that your guests will truly treasure. Have a little think about what makes you light up as a couple, and bring it to your wedding day!

The best examples I've seen were napkins embroidered with a little red crab on each, invites adorned with alpacas, and beloved books given as favours to guests. Get creative!

So let's go!

And if you would like somebody to run through your ideas with,

my Facebook group The Wedding Planning Barn is always open!