Rise & Shine!

Wedding Morning Support

Who's this package for?

This is my mini package and perfect if you're a confident couple who want a little extra support. Your wedding morning will pass by in a blur. With all of the people to greet: photographers, videographers, make-up and hair stylists, your florist, your parents, your bridesmaids or groomsmen... you might find getting ready a bit of a whirlwind!

If you're the kind of person who likes to relax, take your sweet time, and not worry about keeping an eye on the clock, it will be handy to have me on side...

What I'll do


On your wedding morning, I'll be on-call from the moment your alarm goes off. You can wake up knowing you have somebody to contact if anything is niggling you first thing.


I'll greet and direct your suppliers, answer your phone calls, and keep track of time. If any hiccups crop up, I'll help to find a solution. I'll run any last minute errands, allow you the chance to relax and take everything in, and make sure you have everything and are ready to go.

I can also bring breakfast for you and your entourage - you might find yourself super excited at your wedding meal and not eating much, so you'll need something to soak up the bubbles!

You can start your wedding day off relaxed, and enjoy a few mimosas with your bridesmaids or groomsmen!

From £280

(I bring you breakfast for a little bit extra)