Help! I Need Somebody!

Emergency Wedding Services

Who's this package for?

Think of this as emergency services for your wedding! If you're running out of time, or getting in a tangle with RSVPs, budgets, or anything else - don't go round in circles getting stressed out about it...

Email me with your worries and let's get started with smoothing everything out!


What I can do

  • Go through all of your plans with you to make sure you've not missed anything

  • Help to get your budget and spends back on track

  • Find and book your last minute suppliers, including florists, cake makers, transport, stylists...

  • Chase up and organise your RSVPs

  • Liaise with all the suppliers you have booked to make sure everything is on track

  • Create a run sheet for your day to share with all of your wedding suppliers

  • Send you payment reminders so that you don't forget to pay your suppliers

  • Send you appointment reminders so that you don't forget to attend your supplier meetings

  • Get all of your ducks in a row and make sure you're good to go on your wedding day!

I can do all of the above, or just the bits we think you might need support with. For this reason my quote here is personalised for you, and you'll need to send me an email and reach out!

A bespoke quote for a bespoke service.