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Updated: Nov 12

More and more couples are celebrating their wedding day in a barn or on a farm and I'm definitely here for that! Barns offer up a blank, rustic canvas with no flashy carpets or patterned curtains to cramp your style. Whether an established venue or on private property, barns typically give us wooden walls and stone floors to work with, and a touch of the industrial or agricultural feel for added character.

A super rustic and relaxed vibe is usually the way forward, but thanks to this neutral space, you can style your wedding any way you choose.

You can join my Facebook group The Wedding Planning Barn to run through and brainstorm your ideas with me, or here are a few ideas to jump off from...

Time for a Grand Feast

Long wooden trestle tables compliment private barn weddings so much. They're easy to set up and install, look amazing with long chiffon table runners and garlands, and you can socially distance your households by leaving lots of space between them.

All of the Lights!

If you want the wow factor at your barn wedding - hang drapery and lots of fairy lights from the rafters! They take your space from day to night and look lovely alongside the night sky if you have outdoor space too.

Go Floral...

Seasonal wild flowers are perfect when styling your barn wedding. Why not go for loose hand-tied bouquets, rustic displays in glass bottles, lengthy garlands down your tables, or blooms tucked into chair backs?

Here's a little guideline as to which UK flowers are in season for your wedding month.

Get Personal

Don't forget to add your personal touches to your wedding style. From unique stationery, to custom embroidered napkins - these are the little details that your guests will truly treasure. Have a little think about what makes you light up as a couple, and bring it to your wedding day!

The best examples I've seen were napkins embroidered with a little red crab on each, invites adorned with alpacas, and beloved books given as favours to guests. Get creative!

So let's go!

And if you would like somebody to run through your ideas with,

my Facebook group The Wedding Planning Barn is always open!

Updated: Oct 16

With established venues now offering Venue Coordination, it's a question that gets asked quite a lot! And the short answer is... You might not need a Wedding Coordinator (sometimes AKA a Wedding Manager) at all...

But having spent thousands of pounds and many hours planning your perfect day, it's definitely worth hearing what a Wedding Coordinator does.

Keep reading to find out whether a Wedding Coordinator is somebody you want to add to your wedding day team...

What does a Venue Coordinator Do?

So let's start with the person that a wedding venue will usually have on hand as part of your package with them. A Venue Coordinator (confusingly, sometimes also known as a Wedding Coordinator too!), knows absolutely everything there is to know about your venue.

They work with wedding couples at their venue all the time, and know everything that they have to offer you like the back of their hand. They know how many guests they can seat, who their preferred suppliers are, and what the regulations are with regards to their venue. A Venue Coordinator is a handy person to have around whilst you're planning your wedding. They can help you with any questions you have with regards to your chosen venue, can offer styling suggestions, and can tell you what limitations there may be if you want something a little bit outside the box.

However - there are a couple of things to note when it comes to Venue appointed Coordinators:

--> Often they are not the person who will be there on the day.

This happened to me on my own wedding day. I'd been in contact with a venue coordinator all the way through my planning journey, and on my wedding day they weren't there.

Ask at the time of booking whether your Venue Coordinator will be with you on the day, just so that you know what to expect when the time comes.

--> They are responsible for your venue package only.

Your Venue Coordinator will make sure that everything relating to your venue package is ready to go, but they are not in charge of the timings of your day, directing your entourage, your guests, or any other suppliers attending your wedding day (unless booked as part of your package).

What does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

This is my favourite question. <3 And it doesn't have one answer as different Wedding Coordinators offer slightly different services. Wedding Coordinators that you choose for yourself (rather than those appointed by your venue) are there for you, all of your suppliers and your guests throughout your whole day.

Rather than speaking for all Wedding Coordinators, here is what I do for you...

Having spent so much time and money on planning your perfect day, you'll probably be wanting it to run super smoothly so that you can enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

In the weeks before your wedding day, you hand over all the plans you've made for your wedding to me. I'll take everything off your shoulders - from contact details for your suppliers, to specific guest requirements, to the timeline of your day. I'll do the last minute double checking to make sure nothing has been missed and everything is good to go. You can relax during those final weeks and concentrate on getting yourself ready for the big day!

I'll be in touch with the suppliers that you have picked, to make sure that they all know exactly where they should be and when on your wedding day, and I will create a super detailed timeline (also known as a "run-sheet") to share with you, your entourage, and all of the people who will be involved in making your day amazing!

Everyone will know all of your plans, and nothing will be left to chance.

On the day itself, I'll be a caring, non-obtrusive, and highly organised pair of hands to make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly. I'll be on call from the moment you wake up, run-sheet to hand, directing your suppliers from the word go.

Whilst you are having your hair and make up done (and perhaps enjoying breakfast mimosas with your bridesmaids/groomsmen!), I'll be greeting your venue stylist, your caterer, your florist. I'll make sure everything is set up in exactly the way you would like it and that nothing has been missed. Any hiccups that arise will be discreetly dealt with.

I'll be the point of contact for your guests on the day, If Aunt Hilda doesn't know how to find the church, she'll be in touch with me for directions rather than you!!!

Alongside your run-sheet, I'll also bring the ever important emergency wedding kit! This consists of everything you could possibly imagine you would need for your day - from face wipes to extension leads (I have needed these on more than one occasion!!!), and everything in between.

I'll be there throughout the whole day and well into your evening celebrations. Having somebody there whose sole job is to look after you and your wedding day will mean that you're leaving nothing to chance (believe me - once everyone starts on the Prosecco they'll forget they're supposed to be rounding guests up for photographs!).

I'll prompt the DJ when it is time to announce things like the first dance - and you'd be surprised how many guests miss the cake cutting because they've not heard the announcement (I can round them all up for you!)...

My Wedding Day Coordination also includes making sure that your bridal suite is tidied for when all of your celebrations are over. I can also dress your room specially for you for when all the partying is done (plus add a hangover kit for the morning after!!!).

And then when you're enjoying brunch with your loved ones the next morning, I'll be busy packing everything down ready for you to take away with you. There'll be no sudden rush for you to have everything tidied away!

Do you Need a Wedding Day Coordinator?

It's entirely up to you! You might have lots of friends and family around to take on the task that comes along with running your wedding day. But imagine knowing that everything is in hand and somebody has taken care of everything!

I offer different price ranges for:

--> Weddings that already include a Venue Coordinator

--> Dry-hire / Weddings on Private Property

--> Micro-Weddings / Socially Distanced Weddings

If you're getting married in Merseyside, Lancashire, or Cheshire and you would like a reliable pair of hands to manage your wedding day for you - please send me an email today! I look forward to hearing from you <3

Updated: Oct 3

I had the pleasure of working with Ling from Dragonfly Couture Stationery on a recent styled shoot, and was so impressed with her handmade paper flowers!

Ling started creating paper flowers alongside her stationery business during lockdown, and uses lots of colourful, recycled materials to really make them stand out.

The wonderful thing about paper flowers is that they are fully customisable - they're not seasonal, and can be created in any colours. They make the perfect matching wedding favours, button holes, or table decorations - the sky really is the limit!

They're also going to last a lot longer than living flowers, and you can keep yours as a reminder of your wedding day.

As we look for more sustainable ways to celebrate with a smaller entourage of guests - paper flowers are the way forward for adding that touch of personality to your celebration...

Join me over on Instagram for more wedding ideas!

Thank you to Jon Rolfe Photography and Ling at Dragonfly Couture Stationery. <3