About Me...

In the beginning...

When I was about 9 years old, my favourite toy (I kid you not) - was an adult-sized briefcase that I'd stuffed full of paperwork. As the oldest of 5 siblings in a busy household, I made my briefcase into my own personal office space. It spilled over with blueprints for exclusive 'clubs' that my younger brother and sisters could join (of course they had to complete a quiz before they could gain membership!). There were drafts of my hand drawn fashion magazines, complete with carefully written problem pages and beauty reviews, and enough short stories and poetry to wallpaper my entire bedroom with!

What about now?

Now I'm in my 30's and nothing much has changed! I'm a bit taller and wiser, and I've somehow acquired a husband, a black cat, and an old motorbike. I still love paperwork, and schedules, and being super organised on a daily basis. I'm also an avid bookworm and my shelves are stacked with thousands of books, and notebooks for any projects that I have on the go.


20 years on from being a little girl with a briefcase, I now also have 7 years of experience in the care industry, 9 years of management experience, and over 10 years of top notch customer service training.

So what is Real Heart Weddings all about?

My dream is to connect with warm and relaxed couples who are looking for somebody with the planning skills to bring their wedding day together. You might want somebody who can put you at ease, and let you concentrate on having the most fabulous day with zero stress. You might be planning an unusual or unconventional wedding day and need support for it to run smoothly. Where ever you are in your planning journey, I'm here to help!

From 'morning-of' support, to full planning, I can save you time and you can have a stress-free wedding!